The Salton Sea is a shallow saline lake in California’s Imperial and Coachella Valleys. The Lake was accidentally created around 1905 when the Colorado Rivers flowed into the Salton Basin for over two years creating a 889 km/2 Sea, 17m deep. During 1950 the lake growth as a resort area, however the increasing salinity and pollution over the years caused the decline of all touristic activities, resorts, pools and private vacation houses have since been abandoned. Many species of fishes that lived on the lake have been killed by pollutants; Increasing salinity, algal blooms, and the smell of the lake combined with the stench of the decaying fish also contributed to the decline of the tourist industry around the Salton Sea. From around 1970, the Salton Sea began to shrink, this will expose the pollutants to the winds creating an unprecedented dust bomb disaster over the Coachella Valley.

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