Slab City



In the Sonoran Desert, 320 Km South-east of Los Angeles and 220 Km North-east of San Diego, a community called Slab City survive without rules and hierarchy, in a “de facto” anarchy enclave on US soil.

This community has been considered by many “the last free place in america” but many people have been driven to the “Slabs” by poverty, to be left alone or to stretch their retirement. This giant squat is home to approximately 150 year-round residents called the “Slabbers” and from October to April by approximately 2000 as snowbirds.
The people living in the “Slabs” survive without running water, sewers, or trash pickup service, and they use solar panels to produce their own electricity and hot natural spring to bath. Many residence derive their living from governments programs, retirement or small businesses for the community.

With this project I would like to show you through a series of images, the reality of this unique place, where life can be tough, temperature can rise till 48°C on Summer, but also considered by its inhabitants as one of the best place on earth where to live free.


© Sacha Di Poi 2017